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Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety and Worry- When Unease Becomes an Illness

Anxiety disorders are the result of intense feelings of uneasiness experienced for an extended period and can disrupt the normal existence of a person. Anxiety disorders can manifest physically or through psychological symptoms which can have severe consequences.

Treating Anxiety – Your journey to living a healthy life

Individual clients get a unique treatment plan which helps to establish the cause of the anxiety issues. Our treatment programs take place in a comfortable environment where our clinical specialists use scientifically-proven methods to treat clients individually.

Therapy Methods

Psychotherapy and psychology helps us to diagnose the psychological causes of anxiety disorders. We also use complementary treatments to achieve better results.

Treatment for anxiety disorders – Path to freedom from excessive anxiety

Our treatment program is designed to treat the whole person of the client and will involve the treatment of the body, mind, and soul in a confidential, discreet and non-judgmental way. We aim to establish the causes of the anxiety disorders to restore healthy living in our clients.
We understand that for long-lasting recovery from anxiety to occur, the body and brain must be physical, biochemically, and neuro-chemically balanced. That is why we carry out advanced laboratory tests to check for any imbalance in the client’s system. We also diagnose the underlying causes of anxiety by assessing the psychological state of the client and other contributory factors.
Our treatment procedure uses a combination of psychology, psychotherapy, and complementary treatments. We analyze factors such as the client’s relationships, work, lifestyle, social experiences, in addition to physical and historical factors.
We maintain an individual treatment system in which every client receives their treatment individually. The personal treatment approach will help our clinical and complementary teams devote the required amount of time on each client.
When clients arrive, they will undergo a comprehensive medical checkup at the facilities of our partner hospital. Next, they will be transferred to one of our comfortable Greek 5-star lodging where a private residence awaits them, and a resident counselor is available 24/7.

Treatment Costs

Our treatment costs vary according to the requirements of each client, but typically, the cost of our treatment programs range from 15,000-45000 Euros per month for the best care and support available in Greece. We do not work with insurance companies. All Payments are made directly by the client because
US health insurance companies do not provide cover for the services of Hellenic Practice abroad, although we can estimate quotations when it is required for your insurance company evaluation. For our Greece-based clients, they already have a mandatory health insurance, and their payments can be serviced by their health insurance in line with the provisions of the Law on Health Insurance.
The fee charges  include the following: A comprehensive medical examination from any of our affiliates clinics and/or hospitals, initial detoxification program at one of our affiliated medical clinics including accommodation, medications if needed, affiliated doctors and nurses, local transportation, food and beverage (alcohol prohibited). Educational rehabilitation programs including exclusive residential accommodation (see our website) and field trips, educational rehabilitation programs on the following subjects: Nutrition, Physical activity and field trips.  Additional payment is required for extended medical care and medicine or rehabilitation educational programs. Note that the fees do not include your airfare.

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