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Depression & Trauma

Depression- An increasingly popular mental illness

With the most effective evidence-based methods and comfortable surroundings, our clinical experts determine the cause of depression using a personalized treatment plan for each client. Our treatments are individual based, no group treatment.
Treating Depression- A personal journey to complete mental health
Clients are often concerned about their privacy, and this is why our treatment is done privately in the most discreet manner with the best medical procedures available.

Therapy methods-Our unique approach

Our treatment strategy involves psychotherapy, psychology, as well as complementary treatments.

The effects of trauma- It can take many years before symptoms appear

Whether in childhood or as adults, traumatic experiences can be imprinted permanently in our subconscious, and factors such as emotional problems and addiction can trigger it, with serious health implications.

Treatment for Trauma- A personal fight for survival

Our treatment takes place in a comfortable environment where our clinical specialists utilize the most advanced techniques to design a personalized treatment plan for each client. We emphasize on privacy, which is why no group treatment takes place, only individual treatments.

Method of Treatment – Using a unique approach

Our doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists use a combined strategy of psychology, psychotherapy, and complementary treatments. We also assess factors such as the client’s past sexual and physical experience.

Treating Depression- Freedom from pain

The privacy of our clients is highly important to us, and we operate under the strictest levels of confidentiality, discretion, with zero discrimination. Our cardinal objective is to help you start living a normal life by identifying and treating the main causes of your depression. Not only do we treat the symptoms, but we also treat your body, mind, and spirit by teaching you strategies for managing depression and how to increase your self-awareness.
Our approach to treating depression employs diet, amino acid therapy, and food supplements as we do not support using prescription medications, except when necessary. In case we use prescribed drugs, it will be for a short period, and we place you under close supervision to assess your response to the drugs.
Psychotherapy, psychology, and complementary treatments help to achieve a successful treatment of depression. Our psychologists use psychotherapy and psychology to treat any underlying psychological issues. Complementary treatments such as acupuncture and yoga make the treatment holistic and all-encompassing.
Our treatment is individual-based and/or group-based, to ensure you receive the best treatment from our clinical and complementary experts, as group treatments will jeopardize the privacy of our clients, and reduce the quality of their treatment.
A partner hospital receives you on arrival, and a comprehensive medical examination is carried out. After the examination, you will move to our beautiful private residential facility where a resident counselor will be available 24/7 to always support you.

Treatment for Trauma- Freedom from Pain

Our treatment procedure is confidential, discrete, and without any biases. We strive to determine the primary trauma-causing elements and provide the necessary treatment to bring about healthier living by using coping mechanisms that touch on the client’s body, mind, and spirit.
For trauma treatment to be successful, the body’s neurochemistry must be in optimum condition. Our clinical team employs cutting-edge laboratory tests to determine the state of the client’s neurochemical, biochemical, and physical conditions to bring them to the desired levels required for ideal physical and mental health. Our doctors and psychiatrists also use psychotherapy and other advanced techniques such as trauma reduction sessions to interrogate the underlying causes of trauma and related challenges.
Individual treatment of clients ensures that our clinical teams (doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, counselors, and psychotherapist), as well as the complementary team of (acupuncturists, yoga instructors, personal fitness instructors, and masseurs), can concentrate on the individual needs of each client.
One of our partner hospitals admits you for a comprehensive medical checkup on arrival. Next, we move you to our luxury residential facility where you will enjoy Greek 5-star service in your private living quarters with a resident counselor on standby 24/7.

Treatment Costs

Our treatment costs vary according to the requirements of each client, but typically, the cost of our treatment programs range from 15,000-45000 Euros per month for the best care and support available in Greece. We do not work with insurance companies. All Payments are made directly by the client because
US health insurance companies do not provide cover for the services of Hellenic Practice abroad, although we can estimate quotations when it is required for your insurance company evaluation. For our Greece-based clients, they already have a mandatory health insurance, and their payments can be serviced by their health insurance in line with the provisions of the Law on Health Insurance.
The fee charges  include the following: A comprehensive medical examination from any of our affiliates clinics and/or hospitals, initial detoxification program at one of our affiliated medical clinics including accommodation, medications if needed, doctors and nurses, local transportation, food and beverage (alcohol prohibited). Educational rehabilitation programs including exclusive residential accommodation (see our website) and field trips, educational rehabilitation programs on the following subjects: Nutrition, Physical activity and field trips.  Additional payment is required for extended medical care and medicine or rehabilitation educational programs. Note that the fees do not include your airfare.

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