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Medically Managed Detox

For efficient recovery to occur in a person battling with chemical dependency, the body needs detoxification. At the Hellenic Practice, we have the expertise and experience to help you through this medically sensitive period.

Often, the detox center is the first point of call for addicts and their families looking for treatment. Many addicts dread the feeling of quitting their harmful habits and the withdrawal symptoms that are sure to follow. Studies show that one of the main reasons why addicts don’t seek treatment is due to the fear, or perceived fear of the discomfort that withdrawal produces.

Hellenic Practice Detox affiliated Centers shares the concerns of clients and their loved ones at this crucial time, our programs are packaged to manage these feelings effectively. We provide a medically managed drug and alcohol detox under the close supervision of  and collaboration with an independent team of specialists in medical detoxification profession. We have highly qualified consulting doctors who help to manage withdrawal symptoms with the most advanced evidenced-based methods. We have a devoted and experienced supporting staff who provide care and support 24/7 for the duration of the process. Our most important objective is to make the detoxification process as comfortable and safe as possible within the limits of the medical practice.

What to Expect During Detox

Detoxification is the first crucial step in the journey towards recovery and is the period when the client’s body is being rid of drugs and alcohol so that they can live an addiction-free life. This period is one of the most crucial in the recovery process and can prove fatal if attempted alone.
Withdrawal symptoms are a normal feature of the detox process, although the symptoms and their seriousness are dependent on each client’s peculiarities. Our specialists support every client throughout the process and help them understand their symptoms so that they can manage them.
A lot of factors determine the length of the detoxification process for each client. Some of these factors include substance use history, types of drug addiction, and the health status of the client. Most clients will require an average of 3-7 days to reach the detoxification stage of treatment.

Assessment Stabilization

Our medical teams carry out an intensive assessment of clients who enroll in our program to determine their suitability for our program. Clients who are eligible for our medically monitored detox will meet with our team of psychiatrists and addiction specialists to draw out an appropriate treatment plan. We continually monitor the physical symptoms and emotional and psychological state of clients throughout the detox process.

Medication and Care

Each client is assigned a board-certified physician who administers different types of medication that will support and keep them safe during the detoxification process.
We encourage clients to rest and allow our staff to support them through this first stage of the healing process.
We employ a scientifically proven evidence-based treatment method which includes one on one counseling, group therapy sessions, yoga and other types of treatments including:

Cognitive and Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Even though addicts are always conscious of the harmful effects of their habits on their health, careers, and relationship with their loved ones, but still engage in substance abuse. Our counselors will help clients to develop habits that will make them strong-willed and keep them away from relapsing to their old ways once they finish their treatment.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

In this context, “dialectical” means “concerned with or acting through opposing forces.” Recovering from hydrocodone or oxycodone addiction requires our clients to accept two states of the mind that seems to contradict: They must accept who they have become, and they must also be willing to change.

Neurofeedback Therapy

This treatment is administered through an electroencephalography machine and gives our counselors real-time access to a client’s brain. The instructor uses the feedback from the device to guide a counseling session to become more efficient at identifying the underlying factors for the client’s addiction. Neurofeedback can also be provided for an additional fee.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet after treatment can also help clients to avoid relapses in the future.


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