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Physical Activity

Physical Activity is an important way of detoxifying the body of an individual suffering from chemical dependency, so that long-lasting recovery may take place. The Department of Health and Human Services describes physical activities as movements which enhance health. In simple terms, Physical Activity refers to bodily movements that exert the muscles and burns a greater amount of energy than staying idle. The body derives a lot of health benefits from physical activities. Physical activities include sports, aerobics, dancing, yoga, pilates, weightlifting and so on.

An exercise is a form of properly planned and choreographed physical activity.
In this article, we will highlight the health benefits which the body can derive from physical activities. Furthermore, the article will touch on strategies to get you started and stay active. Physical activity is a cardinal aspect of maintaining a healthy body and heart. To lead a lifestyle that will bring about a healthy heart, one must also develop habits such as maintaining a healthy weight, eating a heart-friendly diet, keeping stress under control, and quitting substance abuse.
One of the best and most cost-effective ways of maintaining and improving body health is by engaging in a regular physical activity, eating a healthy and well-rounded diet and staying away from drugs.

While many people shy away from physically exerting activities, the health benefits therein are enormous. However, all hope is not lost as little amounts of physical activity can bring about dramatic improvements in your health, but these can be increased by stepping up your physical activities.

At Hellenic Practice, we will teach you a personalized Physical Activity, a program that will benefit your health.

Physical activity can be categorized into four main groups which include: Aerobics, muscle-strengthening, bone-strengthening, and stretching.

Aerobics, muscle-strengthening, bone-strengthening, and stretching are forms of physical activities that benefit the body, these include physical activities such as weight-lifting, circuit training, sports, yoga and pilates.

Aerobic activity is the form of physical activity with the highest positive impacts on your health, which is also known as cardio exercise. Involves working all the muscle groups of the body including the heart. Examples of aerobic activities include bicycling, dancing, circuit training, running, walking and swimming. Aerobic activities help to strengthen your heart and lungs by increasing your heartbeat, improving your cardiovascular endurance and lung function.

Muscle-strengthening activity is the form of physical activity which intents to promote muscle strength, which is also known as anaerobic exercise. Involves working all the muscle groups of the body. Examples of muscle-strengthening activities include weight lifting, bodyweight exercises and pilates. Muscle strengthening activities help to enhance the strength, endurance, and power of the muscles also improving your overall physique and your body’s daily function.

Stretching is a physical activity which promotes the free movement of the joints and increases overall flexibility. Involves stretching all the muscles of the body. Examples of stretching activities include basic stretches, static stretches and yoga sessions. Stretching activities help to improve muscle flexibility and function, while improving blood flow and muscle recovery after exercise.

Bone-strengthening activities include both muscle-strengthening and aerobic activities. Weightlifting or bodyweight exercises, for instance, serve both muscle strengthening and bone strengthening. Also running or sports, serves both aerobic and bone-strengthening purposes. Bone-strengthening activities mainly include working the legs, and core which support the body’s weight structure, making the muscles exert pressure against the bones, thereby strengthening the bones.

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