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“APOLLO” Suite

Residential Luxury Accommodation “5 Stars”
1 Month (4) Weeks 25,000 


The APOLLO “5 Star” luxury private suite 28-day treatment program provides a large suite with private bedroom, a separate living room for nursing care, living room, kitchen, state of the art appliances, WIFI, swimming pool and gym. Located in the Athinian Seaside Riviera just 15 km from the airport and 20 km from downtown Athens. The all inclusive program offers psychiatric treatment and therapy, medications, psychological support, private nurse, driver and transportation, holistic activities, sports of choice, external gym & spa membership, nutritional & detoxification program, blood tests and screening, food and beverage, airport pick up, leisure field trips and much more. The suites are near the beach within city limits offering local touristic attractions, shopping, dinning, etc. no sea view available.

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