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Providing Professional Treatment Programs

At Hellenic Practice, we offer addiction treatment programs for every stage of recovery. Our program and philosophy is based on offering professional medical services in combination with holistic practices, a scientifically proven method that provides lasting recovery. With a success rate of more than 67% we know that addictions and mental disorders can not be cured with medications alone, rather, it requires a professional strategy and lifestyle changes that will set you free to a living the life that you deserve.     

The Hellenic Practice is a professional detoxification and rehabilitation program designed for the treatment of substance abuse and mental disorders.

   The Hellenic Practice employs trailblazing scientific and medical procedures to bring about proper rehabilitation, spiritual well-being and a balanced lifestyle.   

When you join our program in Greece you will be treated with total confidence by our team of health care professionals focusing entirely on your recovery.

Residential Treatment


Medically Managed Detoxification

Medical Detox

The Hellenic Practice holds the following views:

Medical treatment and detoxification as a standalone treatment is not fully effective. 

The Holistic Practices & Complementary Educational Sessions Model is the best approach to achieve a long-lasting recovery for treating all addictions permanently. 

We offer consciousness-based medical and educational treatment programs which guarantee the best results compared to traditional rehabs.

The Hellenic Practice is the exclusive provider of this service in Greece. 

Call Greece Ph. No. +30 698-205 7440 & Whatsapp
or  USA Ph. No. +1 (281) 699-9070 Call or SMS 

We offer 15 / 30 / 60 / 90 day programs,
discounts and grants may apply upon request.

Contact the Hellenic Practice TODAY to start your Recovery.


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