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Hellenic Practice, based in Athens, Greece, is at the forefront of providing digital telehealth treatment for addictions and mental health support. This innovative approach offers individuals convenient access to therapy, counseling, and comprehensive treatment remotely. By leveraging digital communication technologies, Hellenic Practice ensures that individuals can receive the care they need from the comfort of their homes.

Addiction Counselling
Online addiction counseling provides convenient and effective support for individuals seeking help with addiction issues.
$ 600 3 Times per Week
  • 1 Hour Sessions - Per month Basis

Psychological Support

Online personalized psychological support offers convenient and confidential services remotely, providing accessible mental health.
$ 600 3 Times per Week
  • 1 Hour Sessions

Nutritional Program

Online nutritional programs cater to individuals seeking to improve health and achieve weight balance conveniently and effectively.
$ 750 3 times per Week
  • 1 Hour Sessions

Holistic Program

Holistic programs integrate mental, physical, and spiritual elements to enhance overall well-being and individual health.
$ 900 3 Times Per Week
  • 1 Hour Online Sessions

Time Control

A time control program promotes life balance by enhancing productivity and prioritizing tasks effectively.
$ 1,000 3 Times per Week
  • 1 Hour Online Sessions

What Is Our Telehealth Program

Telehealth’s digital online treatment for addictions, substance abuse, mental health, and spiritual guidance offers individuals a transformative and confidential pathway to holistic well-being. Through personalized programs on a 1-on-1 basis, this approach ensures comfort and discretion, empowering individuals to address their health needs effectively from the comfort of their own location. By eliminating barriers like travel and wait times, telehealth not only enhances accessibility to care but also provides a supportive and private environment for individuals to navigate their health journey to a living a healthy and happy life.