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The Hellenic Practice Team

Hellenic Practice stands out as a distinguished detox and rehabilitation center in Athens, Greece. With a team of over 30 experts in psychiatry, psychology, and holistic practices, specializing in addiction treatment, mental health programs, and holistic practices, our center offers a comprehensive solution to enhance individuals’ physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Through personalized programs and a multidisciplinary approach, Hellenic Practice is dedicated to empowering individuals to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. 

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Rick Xatziou - Co-Founder CEO

Rick is a healthcare entrepreneur, holistic practitioner, and sports enthusiast. His vision is to empower individuals to live a healthy and happy life.

Dr. Edgardo Gonzalez, Director

Edgardo, an Orthopedic Surgeon and ABSA-certified Physician Surgical Assistant, co-founded Hellenic Practice with a holistic vision to improve lives.

Psychiatric detox and treatment plans.

Ioannis Velentzas, Psychiatrist & Neurologist PhD

Ioannis, a dedicated psychiatrist, guides individuals towards an addiction-free life through professional medical support.

Iota Afentaouly, Psychologist - Neurologist PhD

Iota is a dedicated Psychiatrist & Psychologist supports individuals towards an addiction-free life through professional support.

Violeta Anninou - Nutritionist PhD

Violeta is a professional nutritionist helping people balance their weight and overall health to live a brighter, fulfilling life.

Hlias Rouiz, Personal Trainer & Spiritual counselor

Personal trainer and spiritual counselor, empowers individuals to lead addiction-free lives through holistic guidance and support.

George Vassiliou, Cognitive Psychologist

George is a professional Cognitive Psychologist and Holistic Practitioner helping improve people's mental and physical health.

Kostantina Manzika, Dancing Teacher, Yoga & Tai Chi Instructor

Kostantina is a professional dancing teacher providing Therapeutic Psychosomatic Dancing, Yoga, Pilates, TRX and Tai Chi.

Stella Tsenga, Paramedic nurse

Stella excels in medicine management, emergency support, patient care, and supervision, ensuring exceptional healthcare services.

Tasos Kalaitzis, Music Teacher

Tasos is a professional Music Teacher with main focuss on theory, piano and singing to help people find a harmonious recovery journey.

Anna Xristopoulou, Management

Anna excels in strategic planning, market analysis, quality enhancement, and business growth for our mission to save life.

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Giani Periklis, Program Coordinator

Giani is a program coordinator helping th eoveral functionality of our program in Greece.

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Public Relations

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Public Relations

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Public Relations