Facilities & Fees

"acropolis" Detox Clinic

The “ACROPOLIS” Detox Clinic standard Room 28-day clinic treatment program provides accommodation in the Athens area, just 15 minutes from the airport and just 20+ from downtown Athens. The program includes psychiatric evaluation and treatment including medications, psychological support, paramedic nurse and care, private driver and local transportation, holistic activities, sports, gym, nutritional plan & detoxification, blood tests, food and beverage (Non-Alcoholic), airport pick up and leasure field trips.

Apollo Apartment “5 Stars”

  • Luxury Accommodation 35,000 €

    1 Month (4) Weeks, 1-On-1 Private and Confidential Treatment Program.

Treating one person at the time.

The APOLLO apartment offers opulent “5 Star” luxury with a 3-bedroom layout, private bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and exclusive amenities like a nursing care room, living area, and kitchen. Nestled in the Athinian Seaside Riviera, 15 km from the airport, it provides a 28-day treatment program with psychiatric care, detox, holistic activities. Enjoy the prime location near attractions and a beach for relaxation. Experience transformative healing at APOLLO. The Apollo Apartment program offers a comprehensive treatment program:
Psychiatric treatment and therapy, Detoxification under medical supervision, Medication management, Ongoing psychological support, Dedicated private nurse, Chauffeur services for transportation needs, Engaging holistic activities, Personalized sports options, Access to an external gym and spa facilities, Tailored nutritional and detox programs, Regular blood tests and health screenings, Gourmet food and beverage offerings, Convenient airport pick-up service Exciting leisure field trips, and much more.

Zeus Top Estate “6 star”

High-End Luxury Accommodation “6 Stars”

  • 1 Month (4) Weeks 55,000 €

    1 Month (4) Weeks, 1-On-1 Private and Confidential Treatment Program.

Treating one person at the time.

The ZEUS Top Estate Luxury Home presents a cutting-edge “6 Star” experience with 5 bedrooms, 5 floors, elevator, private garage, indoor gym, and pool. Featuring state-of-the-art amenities, nursing care space and other rooms for staff members. Located in the Athinian Seaside Riviera, it offers a 28-day treatment program with psychiatric care, detox, and holistic activities. Enjoy prime beach proximity for relaxation and transformative healing. The comprehensive program includes psychiatric therapy, detox under supervision, medication management, psychological support, private nursing, chauffeur services, security personnel, personalized sports options, elite gym/spa membership, tailored nutrition plans, health screenings, holistic activities, gourmet cooking offered by renown chefs, airport transfers, leisure trips, and more. 

Aphrodite Mansion“7 Stars”

Residential Superior Luxury Accommodation “7 Stars”

  • 1 Month (4) Weeks 75,000 €

    1 Month (4) Weeks, 1-On-1 Private and Confidential Treatment Program.

Treating one person at the time.

Embark on the Aphrodite Mansion’s exclusive 28-day residential program in a lavish “7-star” estate. Luxuriate in state-of-the-art amenities, a private pool, lush gardens, sports courts, and a top-tier security system. With 6 opulent bedrooms, including a breathtaking master suite boasting panoramic mountain and Aegean Sea view. Nestled in the eastern Athenian Riviera, just 25 minutes from the airport and a short distance from downtown Athens and the iconic Acropolis. This all-inclusive program features premium psychiatric care, medication management, detox services, psychological therapy, private nursing, paramedic support, rejuvenating physical therapy and massages, customizable fitness training with expert instructors, holistic spa access, tailored nutrition plans, advanced medical screenings including DNA analysis, round-the-clock security and chauffeur services. Enjoy seamless airport transfers and enriching holistic excursions.

Atlantis Luxury Yachts & Sailboats

The Luxury Yachts 28-day (4 weeks) treatment program provides the finest and must exclusive rehabilitation program in the world. Located at the Athens riviera seaside marinas and sailing along the coast of Athens and to the gorgeous Greek Islands of the mediterranean sea. The program is all inclusive and provides on board psychiatric treatment and medications, on board detoxification, psychological support and therapy, private nurses, physical therapist, personal trainer, professional security guard, private chef and full crew to manage the yacht. The Hellenic Practice Luxury Yacht program includes proper nutrition & detoxification, blood examinations, DNA screening and diagnosis, holistic and leisure activities. Embark on poetic journey of healing and luxury onboard the Hellenic Practice luxury yachts, where opulance meets transformation.