Medical care

Medical Care At Hellenic Practice

At the Hellenic Practice, we employ a comprehensive range of medical techniques in our rehabilitation programs for substance abuse and mental conditions. This includes blood tests for physiological health assessment, personality tests for individual needs understanding, nursing care for round-the-clock support, and electrocardiograms for cardiac health evaluation. Continuous monitoring allows for timely interventions and treatment adjustments.

Be treated by Medical experts only

Our medical experts epitomize professionalism, with diverse backgrounds and specialties in psychiatry, internal medicine, nursing, and cardiology. They provide compassionate, evidence-based treatment tailored to individual needs, demonstrating unwavering commitment to patient care. Through collaboration and continuous education, our team ensures every individual receives the highest quality medical care, fostering healing with integrity and compassion.

The importance of Medical CareIn treatment

Integrating medical care into treatment is fundamental at Hellenic Practice. Medical professionals assess physical health, manage withdrawal symptoms, and address co-occurring conditions. Medication-assisted therapies and comprehensive monitoring support long-term sobriety and mental wellness. Combined with holistic approaches, our comprehensive treatment plans address all facets of an individual’s health.