Outpatient & aftercare

Outpatient Treatment At Hellenic Practice

At Hellenic Practice, we recognize that the journey to recovery from addictions and mental disorders extends beyond the confines of our facility. That’s why we offer comprehensive outpatient and aftercare treatment services to support clients as they transition back into their everyday lives. Our outpatient services provide flexible treatment options allowing clients to continue receiving therapy, counseling, and support while maintaining their daily routines. Through individual sessions, we ensure that clients have access to the resources they need to sustain their progress.

The Importance Of Aftercare Treatment

Our aftercare services offer ongoing support and guidance to help clients navigate challenges and maintain their sobriety or mental wellness post-rehabilitation. From personalized relapse prevention plans to support groups and community resources, we remain committed to empowering clients with the tools and support necessary for long-term success. At Hellenic Practice, our aftercare treatment services serve as an integral component of our holistic approach to recovery, ensuring that clients receive continuous care and support beyond their time within our facility.