Holistic Rehab Treatment

Holistic treatment practices

Holistic rehab treatment for addictions and mental health, as provided by Hellenic Practice in Greece, offers a comprehensive and transformative approach to recovery. The Hellenic Practice is a professional detoxification and rehabilitation center that focuses on treating substance abuse and mental disorders with a holistic perspective. Their cutting-edge scientific and medical procedures aim to provide […]

Mental Health Treatment

Mental health treatment in Greece has undergone significant reforms since the mid-1980s, shifting from an outdated system of inpatient asylum-like treatment to a modernized approach based on prevention, community care, and limited in-hospital care. The Hellenic Practice, a professional detoxification and rehabilitation program in Athens Greece, is at the forefront of this movement, offering a […]

Medical Detox

Medical detox is a crucial step in the treatment of substance abuse, and Hellenic Practice in Greece offers a comprehensive and effective medical detox program for individuals seeking recovery. The Hellenic Practice team is committed to providing exceptional results and holds many years of experience in the medical field of mental disorders and addictions. The Hellenic […]